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Abilita Services has stepped up and now made it very easy for you to access our assessments and courses, directly from this website. Please take advantage of these resources to make your work more satisfying and successful.
Listen to the experts: Waddell and Aylward (2010) “Much sickness and disability should be preventable. Better management is an immense challenge, but one that is crucially important to everyone of working age, their families and society. It can be achieved, but only by fundamental change in our approach and by all stakeholders working together towards common goals. The biopsychosocial model provides the framework and the tools for that endeavour.”   
Abilita offers that framework and tools including: early triage; identification and measurement of psychosocial factors; and coaching for self-driven recovery to build work capacity. Our  assessment reports are unique because Abilita domains distill the essence from BPS assessment. 

Abilita offers best practice BPS rehabilitation and disability management.

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7 June

Journal Publication

View the Abilita research article as published in the Journal “Work”, April 2016; outlining scientific development and psychometric strength of the Abilita assessment. The comments of one the Journal’s reviewers sums it up…. “This article adds practical knowledge about how to apply a more successful intervention when biopsychosocial model is used. Abilita appears to hold great promise to improving the management of work injuries”.